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We shoot most types of photography, but always with our passionate creative twist. We also shoot all kinds of people from corporate clients, to artists, performers, families, kids, and rock bands.

Our photography is highly customized to each of our clients.

Shoots can vary from simple, quick, headshots, to all day productions involving an entire team including fashion stylistsmakeup artistshair stylists, set designers and photographers. We have had shoots run 10+ hours and custom outfits which took over 40 hours to design and hand craft.

The cost of a package can vary widely depending on the clients vision and shoot requirements.    We work within our clients budgets to bring their visions to life. Usually, its best to start with your budget, and work backwards to what we can deliver within your budget.

We focus on quality over quantity. We prefer spending hours on a small set of the top images from a photoshoot instead of spreading it thinly across many shots.  All delivered photos are professionally retouched and post processed. We typically spend more hours retouching your photos than we spend during the photoshoot. Our goal is to deliver editorial quality photography for your business or home that people rave about, or print quality images that can published for artists, performers, and other commercial clients.

We have a price sheet of our framed printscanvases and other products which is available after the initial free phone consultation.


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