Dr Cowlicks Photography

Commercial & Commissioned Photography

Raleigh NC

Commissioned 17th century french portrait.

Clients BEFORE photo

Commissioned artistic piece

100% body paint

Commissioned Band Shoot for “Spiral Fire”



Getting professional makeup done

Styling and costume check

Pre-shoot harness check

Harness practice with wind and limiting line

Touching up makeup 12 feet up

Spiral Fire practice run

Commissioned Zombie Portrait

Client was body painted as a zombie, and photographed twice, once as herself and once as her zombie pet.


Commercial shoot for Ship On Site Raleigh

Client BEFORE photo

Ghostbusters Themes Commercial Concept


Commissioned personal portrait “The Warlock”


Commercial project for hand made jewelry using models


Commissioned Band Shoot for “The 919”

Commissioned Personal Portrait

“The Puppet”

Commercial shoot for a local side show act

Commissioned artistic piece

Client requested a Day of The Dead artistic portrait

Misc. Commissioned Portraits